Public Reason 8 (1-2) available online [open access peer-reviewed journal]

We are pleased to announce that Public Reason 8 (1-2) is now available online at


TOC - Public Reason 8 (1-2):


Ingmar Persson - Climate Change-The Hardest Moral Challenge? 

James Boettcher - Coercion and the Subject Matter of Public Justification

Baldwin Wong - Is Rawls Really a Kantian Contractarian?

Stamatina Liosi - Why Dignity is not the Foundation of Human Rights

M R. X. Dentith - The Problem of Fake News

Eva Erman & Niklas Möller - Political Legitimacy and the Unreliability of Language


Joseph Fishkin, Bottlenecks. A New Theory of Equal Opportunity - Reviewed by Ileana Dascalu


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