Public Reason: Vol. 2, No. 2, December 2010
“Scales of Justice” and the Challenges of Global Governmentality
Ina Kerner

This essay is a critical assessment of Nancy Fraser’s recent account of the “scales of justice” in a globalizing world. In particular, I examine the third dimension of justice introduced by Fraser, that of representation. In light of how civil society in many countries of the global South is affected by a form of power that we can call “global governmentality”, I argue that Fraser should not restrict her concern with problems of representation to issues of access to civil society, but also address problems arising from power mechanisms that currently shape and reshape it.

Key words: global justice theory, governmentality, development aid, NGOs, transnational civil society.


Kerner, Ina. 2010. “Scales of Justice” and the Challenges of Global Governmentality. Public Reason 2(2): 40-50.