Public Reason: Vol. 4, No. 1-2, June-December 2012
Moral Cosmopolitanism and the Right to Immigration
Yusuf Yuksekdag


This study is devoted to the ways and means to justify a ‘more’ cosmopolitan realization of certain policy implications, in the case of immigration. The raison d’être of this study is the idea that the contemporary debate over open borders suffers from indeterminate discussions on whether liberal states are entitled to restrict immigration. On the other hand, most of the liberal cosmopolitan accounts neglect the detrimental consequences of their open borders argument – which take it as a means to compensate people in need –, such as brain drain and the effects of brain drain on the opportunity sets of members of sending countries. Therefore I offer a moral cosmopolitan account of immigration which takes the interests of would-be immigrants, the residents in receiving, along with the residents in sending countries in respect to their opportunity sets because of the way arbitrary border control represents the inequality of opportunity. I do not provide a well-formed immigration policy here, yet I believe the account provided here is more feasible in considering phenomena such as brain drain.

Key words: cosmopolitanism, immigration, open borders, brain drain.



Yuksekdag, Yusuf. 2012. Moral Cosmopolitanism and the Right to Immigration. Public Reason 4 (1-2): 262-72.