Vol. 1, No. 2, June 2009
1. Joseph D. Lewandowski
Enlightenment and Constraints
2. Stefan Bird-Pollan
Rawls: Construction and Justification
3. Christopher Jay
Keeping Truth Safe From Democracy
4. Mariam Thalos & Chrisoula Andreou
Of Human Bonding: An Essay on the Natural History of Agency
5. Roman Altshuler
Political Realism and Political Idealism: The Difference that Evil Makes
6. Peter Shiu-Hwa Tsu
How the Ceteris Paribus Principles of Morality Lie
Book Reviews
1. Carlo Salzani
Adriana Cavarero. Horrorism: Naming Contemporary Violence
2. Kevin William Gray
Jan-Werner Müller. Constitutional Patriotism.
3. Diana Constantinescu
Meena Dhanda (ed.). Reservations for Women, India: Issues in Contemporary Indian Feminism, v. 6.
Book Notes
1. Raluca Ursachi
Stan, Lavinia, ed. Transitional Justice in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union