Vol. 3, No. 1, June 2011
1. Jeremy Neill
The Mutual Dependence of Institutions and Citizens’ Dispositions in Liberal Democracies
2. George Clifford
Legalizing Selective Conscientious Objection
3. Per Bauhn
The Extension and Limits of the Duty to Rescue
4. Mar Cabezas
Moral Judgments, Emotions, and some Expectations from Moral Motivation
5. Dennis Earl
Ontology and the Paradox of Future Generations
6. Mark McBride
Darwall Versus Raz on Practical Authority
7. IonuČ› Sterpan
David Friedman’s Model of Privatized Justice
8. Alejandro Agafonow
Rawlsian Compromises in Peacebuilding: A Rejoinder to Begby
9. Lia Mela
MacIntyre on Personal Identity
Book Reviews
1. Dara Salam
Gillian Brock, Global Justice: A Cosmopolitan Account