Vol. 4, No. 1-2, June-December 2012 (Volume containing papers presented at the “Global Justice: Norms and Limits” conference [Bucharest, 10-12 May, 2012])
1. Chong Un Choe
Just International Normative Structure
2. Mats Volberg
Understanding the Global Ethic Project
3. Elizabeth Kahn
Global Justice: A Structural Approach
4. Jonathan Kuyper
The Limits of Design for Cosmopolitan Democracy
5. Iván Teimil García
Challenges for a New Global Order: A Two–Dimensional Approach to Global Justice
6. Gottfried Schweiger
Globalizing Recognition: Global Justice and the Dialectic of Recognition
7. David Alvarez
Individual Membership in a Global Order: Terms of Respect and Standards of Justification
8. Uwe Steinhoff
Why ‘We’ Are Not Harming the Global Poor: A Critique of Pogge’s Leap from State to Individual Responsibility
9. Valentin Stoian
Global or National Justice? An Analysis of Pogge’s and Buchanan’s Reply to Rawls’s Law of Peoples
10. Andrei Poama
The Globalization of What? Some Neo-Rawlsian Remarks on the Justificatory Limits for Global Criminal Justice
11. Kostas Koukouzelis
Sustainable Development, Liberty, and Global Social Justice
12. Cristian Timmermann & Henk van den Belt
Global Justice Considerations for a Proposed Climate Impact Fund
13. Monica Ștefănescu & Constantin Vică
Climate Change, Intellectual Property, and Global Justice
14. Mihail-Valentin Cernea & Radu Uszkai
The Clash Between Global Justice and Drug Patents: A Critical Analysis
15. Vihren Bouzov
Global Injustice as a Threat to World Security
16. Cristian Iftode
Philosophy, Terror, and Biopolitics
17. Roxana Marin
A Singerian Reading of the Global Strategies to Eradicate Famine in Africa (2005-2010)
18. Yusuf Yuksekdag
Moral Cosmopolitanism and the Right to Immigration
Book Reviews
1. Ileana Dascălu & Adrian-Paul Iliescu
Axel Gosseries & Yannick Vanderborght (eds.), Arguing about Justice. Essays for Philippe Van Parijs